What a stunning movie! Really got me goosebumps going on!

Great job, Stiles Stilinski! Can’t wait for PHASE 2!! 

AND it was just shot in just 42 days?? Wow. Just stunning! :D

 This will be the last movie I’ll ever see in the Philippines though.. :\

Practice 117:

Colton Haynes a.k.a. Jackson Whittemore

Pencil on Paper (A4)

Hope he returns on Teen Wolf! As a werewolf!

Practice 116:

Emma Rigby a.k.a. The Red Queen (Anastacia)

Pencil on Paper (A4)

All hail The Red Queen, or should I say, “The Jaw Queen”. With her perfectly sculpted jaw that really perfectly suits her pretty face, she surely must be crowned as the queen of jaws!

I really miss her in Once: Wonderland. How I wish they would make a sequel or whatever.. =’[

Practice 115:

Noel Fisher a.k.a Mickey Milkovich!

Pencil on Paper (A4)




My Dreamcatcher.

"The old ones tell that dreams hold great power and drift about at night before coming to the sleeping ones. To keep the dreamer safe, the old one created a special web, the Dreamcatcher, to hang about the sleeping places. When dreams travel the web paths, the bad dreams lose their way and are entangled, disappearing with the first ray of daybreak. The good dreams, knowing the way, passes through the center and are guided gently through the sleeping ones.”

I hung it on top of my bed and it looks perfect. It not only serves as an embellishment to my room, but it also protects me from bad dreams! 

Got it from one of the stores by the shore of Boracay beach.. :)

Rainy days..

Wow.. Didn’t know I was featured at Tumblr Open Arts!

Took me almost 5 months to realize this. It was such an honor!

Digital Painting:

Nicholas Hoult a.k.a. “R

Adobe Photoshop CS5

The result of a very strong typhoon + no electricity + fully charged Macbook is Productivity! So inspired to paint digitally again.. =’]

Purple Sky

Keep blowing and lightning, ‘cause we own the sky..  ♪ ♫ 

*No edits. The sky is real purple.

Throwback artwork: Red Parrot (2012)

Colored Pencils & Watercolor on board;

15’ x 20’ in

Background edited in Photoshop.

Midnight City

Midnight City


Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

My kind of music these days. I’ve already changed, I can say.

3D JM 

Is it really me? Hurry up, I’m Dreaming. 

Pencil Sketch, edited in Photoshop CS5.

Practice 114:

Arden Cho / Kira Yukimura from Teen Wolf =’]

Pencil on Paper (A4)

Practice 113:

Dan Smith from BASTILLE.

Pencil on Paper (A4)

Back at my thing!! I missed drawing.. :D